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There are many factors that will affect the overall cost of a repair or restoration. 
This information is provided as a guide.
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Frets Fret Level & recrown w/setup $145.00

Fret ends trimmed  with touch up $75.00 / without touch up $45.00

Loose frets glued on entire neck w/dressing $175.00

Refrets (may require new nut at additional cost.) Complete Refret unbound neck $300.00 Complete Refret bound neck $350.00 Partial Refret unbound neck $15.00 per fret + $145 leveling Partial Refret bound neck $20.00 per fret + $145 leveling
Restring Standard $15
Floyd Rose $25
Classical $20
(Plus cost of strings unless supplied)
SetupsAcoustic $55.00 / Electric $55.00/ 
Electric w/Floating Tremelo $65.00
Pickup Install $25 (Per Pickup)
Straplock Install $25
Nuts and Saddles  Cut, fit and shape new bone or Corian nut $65.00 Cut fit and shape standard saddle $45.00
Compensated saddle $75.00
Neck Resets  Neck Resets $300.00 and up
Refinish/Restoration Call for estimate
All Other RepairsCall for estimate